Dutch Republic

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    The world’s first public company, founded by the state

    It sounds odd, but it is true: the world’s first public company was founded by a state government. The Dutch East India Company (VOC) owed its existence to the States General of the Dutch Republic and in particular to Dutch statesman Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (pictured below). Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (1547-1619), painted by Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt around 1616 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. License: CC0 A forced merger Before the founding of the VOC in 1602, there were already Dutch companies that sent expeditions to East Asia to trade spices. They were temporary enterprises—generally referred to as the precompanies (voorcompagnieën). In 1595 the flotilla of the earliest precompany, the Compagnie van Verre, set…